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Published on 17 August 2023

AGOV proof of concept

In order to gauge acceptance, a semi-functional AGOV prototype has been made available for the public to try out. Acceptance of a digital product by stakeholders, especially end users, is crucial to its success. Reliability, simplicity and aesthetics of the digital product lead to a high degree of acceptance. With AGOV, all aspects were optimised in line with the state of the art. The prototype was already trialled on a small and diverse group of pilot users, with positive results, before it was released to the public. The semi-functional prototype is now available to the cantons and other interested parties until the end of this year, so that they can carry out their own evaluation. The AGOV team will collate any requests and implement them, if possible before AGOV goes live in January 2024. The prototype is semi-functional, because Swiss Post's BmID identity verification procedure and video identification are emulated, which considerably facilitates repeat testing. A test application is linked to the prototype, which means that a login target is available and the Swiss authorities can link their test target systems to the prototype. The prototype will be presented to the Swiss authorities on 17 August 2023 in the Haus der Kantone as part of Digital Public Services Switzerland (DPSS). Participation via Microsoft Teams is also possible.

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